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Jiangtuo has a large number of negative pressure fans on the market with complete models


As the temperature gradually rises, Jiangtuo has made sufficient preparations for the market demand by mass-producing FRP negative pressure fans! Generally, some factories are relatively hot in summer, and at this time, negative pressure fans will be used in large quantities. Generally, negative pressure fans naturally inhale fresh air from the opposite side of the installation site, that is, the door or window, and blow the sultry gas in the room. Immediately forcibly ejected from the outside.

Therefore, it is necessary to arrange suitable negative pressure fans for the factory before the summer to ensure the air circulation of the factory and improve the productivity of the workshop staff. Only in a comfortable environment can the enthusiasm of the production personnel be guaranteed.

It seems that summer is coming, and the use of negative pressure fans is gradually increasing. Now the negative pressure fans are used in combination with wet curtains, and their cooling effect is obvious, more environmentally friendly and low-carbon, and the cooling and ventilation effect can reach 90%-97% .

In the work of the negative pressure fan, the following points are mainly achieved:
1. It is used for ventilation and ventilation. It is installed outside the window of the workshop. Generally, the downwind vent is selected, and the air is drawn outside the diagram of the louver negative pressure fan to extract the odorous gas; it is generally used in chemical plants and other applications.

2. Use with the wet curtain to cool down the workshop in hot summer, no matter how hot your workshop is, the wet curtain-negative pressure fan system can reduce the temperature of your workshop to about 30C, and there is a certain humidity.