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City leaders carry out research on digital transformation of traditional industries


Huang Qishan, deputy secretary of the Fu'an Municipal Party Committee and mayor, led the heads of relevant departments to deepen and expand the "re-learning, re-investigation, and re-implementation" activities to implement the activities of "improving energy levels, attacking projects, and optimizing services" and research on the digital transformation of traditional industries. Go deep into the production workshop to understand the production and sales situation, have a cordial conversation with the person in charge of the enterprise, learn more about the production capacity docking, order changes and future development plans, and coordinate and solve the difficulties and problems existing in the current enterprise transformation and upgrading.

Huang Qishan emphasized-

All departments at all levels should, from a political perspective, thoroughly implement the decision-making and deployment of the Municipal Party Committee to carry out the activities of "raising energy levels, attacking projects, and providing excellent services", working hard on "fast", making practical moves on "excellent", and "excellent". Real results have been achieved, ensuring a good start in the first quarter. It is necessary to focus on improving service efficiency, adhere to the problem-oriented orientation, take the optimization of the business environment as the starting point, deeply understand the needs and difficulties of enterprises, do good and practical things for enterprises, and promote the development and upgrading of enterprises.

At the same time, it is hoped that the company will implement the new development concept, rely on scientific and technological progress, improve product quality, enhance the endogenous power and core competitiveness of the company, and further expand, strengthen and optimize, and actively help Fuan City to promote high-quality development and transcendence in an all-round way.