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Eight Guarantees for Permanent Magnet Industrial Fans, Safer to Use


With the development of industrialization, large-scale factory cooling equipment industrial fans are gradually recognized by customers. From the recognition of customers and the wide application of industrial fans, it is not necessary to say much about its use effect. Today we will talk about the safety of industrial fans. How to reflect the performance, especially the new generation of permanent magnet direct drive inner rotor industrial large fans.

1. The special rear splint with a thickness of 10 cm is installed and fixed, plus a steel wire environmental protection main beam

Second, the chassis system anti-fall ring

3. The petiole and the inner cavity of the fan blade are tightly inserted and locked. The petiole is made of 45# high-strength steel plate, which is resistant to deformation and fracture. stronger

4. Use 4 8MM steel wire ropes to be tightened in 4 directions respectively, and connected to the steel frame by traction, as an anti-fall protection, and also play a role in avoiding the shaking of the main frame of the fan under large inertia rotation.

5. The upper cover of the main engine is provided with a safety ring and the main beam of the roof surrounds to ensure that all connections fail

6. The bearing transmission system is made of high-strength low-alloy structural steel through precise numerical control technology; strong mechanical properties and high dimensional accuracy ensure the service life of the bearing.

7. The hoop locking device ensures the coaxiality and anti-loosening of the motor base and the hanging shaft.

8. The double annular fan blade safety connection chain design makes it connected as a whole to prevent the fan blade from loosening, falling and deforming

Industrial large fans will produce resonance during operation, and many industrial large fans on the market only use 4 wire ropes. reliable.