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5 common ways to cool down your workshop in summer

The first:
It is a traditional electric fan. This kind of cost is very low. The better electric fans on the market are generally around 200-500 yuan. It plays the role of exhaust air. Even in the hot summer, even the air coming out is hot, which can't solve the problem of cooling the workshop at all. In addition, if the air volume is too large and the noise is too high during use, it will have a great impact on the user.
The second:
It is a water curtain evaporative air cooler. This method does have a certain effect in the general high temperature environment. However, due to the limitation of the water curtain evaporation principle itself, the cold air generated only has a temperature difference of 3-5. Once the temperature rises to 35 The above cooling effect will also have no effect. At the same time, because a large number of water sources are used in the cooling process, the cost of use will also increase. The increase in humidity caused by the evaporation of the water curtain will also increase the speed of bacterial reproduction in the air, causing harm to the human body, and many industries have strict requirements for humidity control. These all make the use of water curtain air coolers have great limitations.                              

The third:
It is to install central air conditioning. We all know that the cooling effect of central air conditioning is particularly good, but as we all know, the installation cost and operating cost of central air conditioning are very high, which makes many companies discouraged from choosing cooling equipment in summer. Another feature is the limitation of the use conditions of central air conditioners. The use of central air conditioners should be done in closed workshops. In industrial production, many large workshops are open, and the use of central air conditioners has no effect at all. High investment costs are wasted in vain.
The whole workshop is cooled by air conditioners. This cooling method is undoubtedly costly. Whether it is the investment in the early stage or the use and maintenance in the later stage, it is a big expense for the enterprise. It is only suitable for some special enterprises with high environmental requirements, such as biological Pharmaceutical companies  
It is the cooling of the popular mobile industrial air conditioners in recent years (or also known as post air conditioner cooling). This is a product that is different from traditional air coolers. Way. Mobile industrial air conditioners originated from developed countries in Europe and the United States. The mobile industrial air conditioners provided by Development Co., Ltd. are more beautiful, convenient and energy-saving, and are more suitable for industrial fields. Once this product was launched, it quickly became the choice for most companies to cool down in summer.