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HVLS Industrial Ceiling Fan Development History

The HVLS industrial large fan was originally developed for animal husbandry applications. In 1998, in order to cool the cows and reduce heat stress, American farmers began to adopt the gear reduction motor and the fan blade method, forming the first generation of large fans.

The prototype of the fan was gradually widely used in industrial scenarios. The previous first-generation industrial fan is still produced by many domestic manufacturers, but this type of motor requires an additional gear reducer to reduce the speed, which is a backward method because it has large size, heavy weight, high maintenance, Disadvantages such as energy consumption and short life.

After years of development, the HVLS industrial fan has been developed for many years. In order to solve the shortcomings of the first generation of industrial fans, engineers have learned from the power motors of electric bicycles and washing machines, using external rotors, permanent magnet brushless DC motors, and using the structural characteristics of the external rotor. , The fan blade is directly mounted on the motor casing, and the second-generation industrial fan is developed.

At present, the market for HVLS industrial fans is growing rapidly, gradually shifting from industrial applications to commercial applications, shopping malls, auditoriums, venues and exhibition halls, transportation hubs, tourist attractions, fitness venues and schools, etc., where they are used with air conditioners to increase air flow and reduce energy consumption. And due to the development of technology, industrial fans have become more modern and beautiful, and have become a unique landscape in commercial places!