Motor Controller

The servo driver is a controller used to control the servo motor. Its function is similar to that of the inverter acting on the ordinary AC motor. It is a part of the servo system and is mainly used in high-precision positioning systems. Generally, the servo motor is controlled by three methods of position, speed and torque to achieve high-precision positioning of the transmission system. It is a high-end product of transmission technology.
        The motor controller is designed for the needs of small equipment speed regulation and automation, and can be widely used in food packaging machinery, textile machinery, woodworking machinery, drying machinery, reflow welding and assembly lines, wire stripping machines, and cutting machines.Shot blasting machines, fans, water pumps and other occasions that require high motor control.

Technical data

Modle power Voltage Output current Size
0.75GT1-220V 0.75KW Single phase AC
4A 150*115*150mm
1.5GT1-220V 1.5KW 7A 150*115*150mm
2.2GT1-220V 2.2KW 9.5A 150*115*150mm
4.0GT1-220V 4.0KW 15A 210*118*180mm
5.5GT1-220V 5.5KW 20A 210*118*180mm
0.75GT1-380V 0.75KW Three-phase AC
2.5A 150*115*150mm
1.5GT1-380V 1.5KW 4.1A 150*115*150mm
2.2GT1-380V 2.2KW 5.8A 150*115*150mm
4.0GT1-380V 4.0KW 9.4A 210*118*180mm
5.5GT1-380V 5.5KW 12.6A 210*118*180mm
7.5GT1-380V 7.5KW 16.1A 210*118*180mm

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