GTS-D Series Industrial Large Ceiling Fan

The large industrial ceiling fan is a common industrial machine widely used in industrial plants, logistics storage, waiting rooms, exhibition halls, gymnasiums, supermarkets, etc., as a common industrial machine for space ventilation and personnel cooling. It can push a large amount of airflow to the ground, and form a certain height of airflow layer on the ground to move horizontally, thus contributing to the overall air circulation.
A new type of fan based on permanent magnet synchronous motor technology with a larger diameter of 7.3 meters. This product replaces the traditional motor-reducer integrated machine, which achieves high integration, improves reliability and transmission efficiency, and promotes air flow with extremely high efficiency. Circulation, to achieve the purpose of cooling the personnel, and greatly improve the environmental comfort.

Main Feature

1: PMSM: Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor, with less vibration at low speed, low noise and stable movement.
2: Sealed motor: enclosed motor, less operation monitoring points, less fault points, greatly reduced maintenance quantity, cost and long service life.
3: Aviation-grade material: The blade is made of the same material as the aviation wing, which has stronger toughness, safety and reliability, and can be called a small helicopter propeller.
4: Simulate natural wind: Streamlined fan blades, combined with aerodynamic principles, strongly stir indoor air to generate simulated natural wind.

Technical data

GTS-D Series Industrial Large Ceiling Fan

Model Diameter(m) power(kw) Rotating speed(rpm) Air volume(m³/min) Full load current(A) Dead weight(kg) Noise(dB)
GTS-D-7E 7.3m 1.5kw 10-55 15000 4.69A 135kg 38.5
GTS-D-6E 6.1m 1.1kw 10-60 13200 3.27A 130kg 39.0
GTS-D-5E 5.5m 0.9kw 10-65 12500 4.1A 120kg 38.8
GTS-D-4E 4.9m 0.8kw 10-75 11800 3.6A 115kg 38.2