GTS-E Series Industrial Large Ceiling Fan

The large industrial ceiling fan is a common industrial machine widely used in industrial plants, logistics storage, waiting rooms, exhibition halls, gymnasiums, supermarkets, etc., as a common industrial machine for space ventilation and personnel cooling. It can push a large amount of airflow to the ground, and form a certain height of airflow layer on the ground to move horizontally, thus contributing to the overall air circulation.

The unique airfoil design of the industrial ceiling fan minimizes air resistance during operation, and converts electrical energy into kinetic energy of the air with high efficiency. Through the powerful air stirring ability, a large amount of air is pushed vertically to the ground, forming an airflow layer of 1-3m on the ground, thus forming a large coverage area not only limited to the bottom of the fan. In the open space, a large industrial ceiling fan can effectively cover The maximum area can reach 2000 square meters.

Main Feature

1: Unique external clip-on plug-in design. It is made of high-strength aviation aluminum material to ensure the safety of long-term operation of the fan.
2: High reliability: Using IE2 energy efficiency, industrial-grade motor, the allowable overload current is large, and the reliability is significantly improved;
3: Large starting torque, small volume, low noise, low temperature rise: low heat generation, so the motor cooling system has a simple structure, smaller volume, and lighter weight, which is more convenient and reliable;
4: The safety factor is higher. After more than 5 years of safe operation, it has been continuously optimized in terms of safety! The most core technical safety is the anti-fall of the fan blade, creating unique safety measures to prevent any safety accidents!

Technical data

GTS-E Series Industrial Large Ceiling Fan

Model Diameter(m) Power(kw) Rotating(rpm) Air volume(m³/min) Full load current(A) Dead weight(kg) Noise(dB)
GTS-E-7E 7.3m 1.5/2.0kw 20-53 13200 3.23A 128kg 40
GTS-E-6E 6.1m 1.5/2.0kw 20-53 11200 3.56A 1258kg 40
GTS-E-5E 5.5m 1.5/2.0kw 20-64 9200 3.62A 116kg 40
GTS-E-4E 4.9m 1.5/2.0kw 20-64 7600 3.79A 111kg 40
GTS-E-3E 3.7m 1.5/2.0kw 20-75 5800 3.91A 102 40