Permanent magnet motor integrated machine

The permanent magnet variable frequency GT-A series motor cancels the excitation system loss and improves the efficiency; the comprehensive power saving rate reaches 10-50%, the permanent magnet motor is compact in structure, small in size and light in weight; the frame is reduced by 1-2 sizes; the motor Flexible and diverse in size and shape; non-standard customization; high efficiency: it can reach the national second-level energy efficiency, and some specifications reach the first-level energy efficiency.
          ?Permanent magnet variable frequency motor: The structure of the motor is simpler, the processing and assembly costs are reduced, and the slip rings and brushes that are prone to problems are eliminated, which improves the reliability of the motor operation; No excitation current is required, and there is no excitation loss, improving the efficiency and power density of the motor.

Main Feature

1. The speed is constant, which is synchronous speed.
2. High power factor: the limit value of 1.0 can be reached through reasonable design.
3. Small size, light weight and low noise.
4. High efficiency: During normal operation, the rotor has no winding copper loss; high power factor can make the stator current smaller
    and the stator winding copper loss small.
5. The speed and motor frequency are kept constant, which can simplify the control system.
6. The motor can be made into multi-stage, low-speed and high-torque, and the gear box can be eliminated by direct drive to realize gearless transmission.
7. Wide speed range, high speed design up to 10000r/min

Technical Data

GT-A Series permanent magnet motor integrated machine

Model rated power Maximum power Rated speed turn around Speed range Suitable fan diameter Energy saving compared
to asynchronous motors
GT-A175 1.1KW 1.2KW 600RPM CW/CCW 200~630RPM 1.26/1.06M >30%
GT-A130 0.75KW 0.8KW 780RPM CW/CCW 220~780RPM 0.86M >20%
GT-A137 0.37KW 0.55KW 1060RPM CW/CCW 220~1060RPM 0.68M >20%