servo motor

GT-E series permanent magnet servo motors have the advantages of small size, low inertia, high rigidity, low noise, stable operation, precise control and strong overload capacity. In the continuous periodic load, the power saving effect is particularly significant, which is about 30% less than the traditional motor (depending on the specific working conditions), which can achieve the purpose of energy saving and emission reduction, and create benefits for the enterprise.
Permanent magnet servo motor is an electromechanical conversion component that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. A permanent magnet servo motor is a motor that can be used in motion control systems where its output parameters such as position,speed, acceleration or torque are controllable.

Main Feature

1. Internationally popular square structure, unique ventilation cooling system, high power density;
2. The motor has a constant torque output below the fundamental frequency, combined with the control system, the rated torque output can also be reached at 0 speed;
3. Use low-loss silicon steel sheets to maintain a high efficiency level throughout the specified speed range;
4. Precise dynamic balance and low moment of inertia are more suitable for servo system control to achieve fast response;
5. The center height of the motor is reduced due to the use of an inorganic seat structure • The installation space of the motor is reduced;
6. The permanent magnet motor uses customized magnets to make the motor more reliable;
7. Encoders can be installed according to different occasions to improve control accuracy;
8. The frequency conversion speed regulation system suitable  for permanent magnet vector control;

Tnical Dataech



Motor center height 100、132、160、180、225、280 Work system SI(S2、S4、S6Optional)
Power 1.5-500KW Protection level IP54
Voltage 380V、660V、Other voltages are available Cooling method IC416
Installation method B3 or B35 Ambient temperature -15+20℃
Number of poles 4、6 or 8 Stator material Silicon steel laminated
Insulation class F End cap Cast iron
Torque 15-2400N.m Connection Y/A
Heat protector PTC、PTO or KTYOn demand120℃ Junction box location Right side of non-drive end,
other safety requirements
Reference frequency 50Hz、67Hz、133Hz、Other frequencies are optional  

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