Maintenance & Repairs

The reason why the air cooler motor does not turn


In many cases, the motor of the cooler does not turn, but it is not broken, but when most customers encounter this situation, they think that the motor of the cooler is broken. In fact, it is not always the cause of the motor. There are many other reasons that can lead to it. The main reason is that the filter is blocked, and the motor dust will enter the water curtain if it is not cleaned. The motor of the environmentally friendly air conditioner will automatically stop running for self-protection like the air switch at home. The control board that controls the motor may burn out, but the motor It wasn't actually burnt out.

You can continue to use it by bypassing the controller that controls the motor and directly connecting to the power source. This is an illusion. Experienced maintenance technicians will know what's going on at a glance, so users of energy-saving and environmentally friendly air conditioners must keep the air cooler industrial air conditioner filter screen and clean it regularly.

Don't let the motor pretend not to run, it will bring you unnecessary trouble, so not only when the workshop is hot and inconvenient, but also think that this imagination will let the masters go in vain and save you precious time. I hope customers will cooperate with me. The company's method is to clean and maintain energy-saving and environmentally friendly air-conditioning equipment.

In order to ensure a longer adaptation life of the chiller industrial air conditioner, every day before shutting down, after cutting off the water source, let the fan continue to run for 30 minutes or even longer, so that the wet curtain is completely dry before shutting down, which is beneficial to prevent the growth of algae, thereby avoiding Block the water pump, filter and water distribution line.