Maintenance & Repairs

Should large industrial fans be maintained and maintained?


When the industrial large fan is in use, the fan can be maintained and cleaned in time according to the dust and oil in the environment, mainly the oil and dust on the fan blades and the dust outside the motor. Only by regularly cleaning and maintaining the fan blades and motor can the failure rate of large fans be reduced during operation.

Maintenance method 1: Tighten and reinforce each screw in the motor. Because the machine vibrates to a certain extent during use, the screws may also become loose. If the loose screws are not tightened, it is likely to cause safety hazards.

Maintenance method 2: There are some insulation resistances in the motor, and these resistances should also be checked to see if they work, especially at the contacts of the resistance. Check whether there are cracks in the fan blades. If there are cracks and not replaced in time, the fan blades will easily fly out due to the force of the fan in use.

Maintenance method 3: The air valve is connected to multiple parts inside the machine, and these connections are also prone to loosening. If any screws fall off, they should be replaced in time.