Industrial large fan installation steps


1. Before installing the industrial fan. First of all, check the technical documents such as installation and maintenance, equipment factory certificate, quality guarantee, in-plant test report, etc., the main parts and materials and material description documents that should be provided by the manufacturer. According to the parameter standard of the ceiling fan, combined with the height of the workshop and nearby obstacles, the appropriate installation location was evaluated.

2. Before installation, the internal rust, sediment and other debris must be removed, and the base should be cleaned so that the installation surface should be flat. After the construction personnel have made holes, four nuts are used to fix the four corners of the fan respectively. Use a lift truck to send the ceiling fan and installer to the ceiling fixing position, and install, fix and wire the ceiling fan.

3. After the installation is completed, power on to debug the ceiling fan. Check the working status and blowing effect of the ceiling fan, and complete the acceptance and delivery to meet the requirements.