Negative pressure fan installation


1. Preparations for installing the negative pressure fan: prepare the hand electric drill, impact drill, electric welding machine, hand grinder, wrench, screwdriver, vise and other tools needed in the process of installing the negative pressure fan, as well as the negative pressure fan, angle iron, sunshine board , glass glue, screws and other materials, determine the executive personnel involved in the construction and installation.

2. Make the negative pressure fan mounting bracket: use angle iron to make the negative pressure fan load-bearing mounting bracket on site, make a triangular bracket similar to the air conditioner mounting bracket, and drill holes for the mounting bracket and brush anti-rust paint to prevent rust deal with.

3. Fix the negative pressure fan: After fixing the prepared mounting bracket on the solid wall at the bottom of the position where the negative pressure fan is to be installed, lift the negative pressure fan on the mounting bracket with two or more people, and use self-tapping screws to fix the bracket and the negative pressure The bottom of the fan is fixed and locked, and the negative pressure fan is around.

?4. Negative pressure fan power distribution test machine: Professional electricians will distribute power to the negative pressure fan, install control switches, connect the main power line connector with electrical tape for insulation treatment, and all power lines are buried in the line Inside the pipe or wire slot, use a multimeter to test whether the circuit is normal.