What are the requirements for the installation location of the negative pressure fan?


What are the requirements for the installation location of the negative pressure fan? Let's take a brief look at the following:
First, and the most important point, the negative pressure fan is best installed in the middle of the building. In this way, it is possible to reduce the length of the installation pipeline and reduce the installation cost. In addition, if conditions permit, the negative pressure fan may be installed in the dominant wind target of the cooling environment.
Second, for the detailed installation position of the negative pressure fan. This choice is relatively extensive, and can be on the wall, on the roof, or on the outdoor floor. This is to ensure that the air is clear and fresh. If there are not enough doors or windows, when you need to install a special exhaust machine, you must ensure the amount of exhaust.
Third, when choosing the installation location, be sure to ensure the load-bearing strength of the rack. It can maintain the weight of the main body of the negative pressure fan, the air supply duct of the machine port and the inspection staff. Fourth, it is necessary to do a good job of sealing and waterproofing between indoor and outdoor during installation to prevent rainwater leakage from causing mechanical damage.
These are relatively broad principles, users may wish to follow their own detailed conditions during installation, and unique problems should be handled individually. For example, if it is installed indoors, it must be ensured that the air supply duct matches the model of the negative pressure fan, so as to design the appropriate air supply duct according to the essential installation environment and the number of air outlets. Of course. When installing, the user must try to reduce the pipeline and reduce the branches to achieve the minimum wind resistance and noise.